Kids Read: Germany

We have been reading books from Germany for the past few weeks. I was waiting for some of them to come in from the library and abroad, and am working on figuring out our new back-to-school schedule. We also just love Grimm's Fairy Tales, so we lingered reading them. You can look further down this… Continue reading Kids Read: Germany

Kids Read: Egypt

Everytime I think "oh, I'll have no problem finding books from this country," I have a problem. I was able to find one Egyptian-American children's book author writing in English, and one Candian-Egyptian author. I didn't find any that were translated into English. . I would love to hear of any books you know about from Egypt,… Continue reading Kids Read: Egypt

Kids Read: Haiti

I knew very little about Haiti before reading picture books, and Memory at Bay (discussed below) this week. We only tend to hear about Haiti when there has been a natural disaster. This week we learned so much about the history of Haiti as well as the resilience of the people who have overcome colonization,… Continue reading Kids Read: Haiti