Chickens Around the World (and in Our Backyard)

In August, after a year and a half of planning (and building), we took the plunge and got three hens. I decided to search and see how many countries I could represent with children's books about chickens. There are a surprising number of great chicken books around! I would love to find some books set… Continue reading Chickens Around the World (and in Our Backyard)

Kids Read: Ghana

Homegoing, by Yaa Gyasi has been on my TBR pile for a while, so I decided to head our reading in that direction this week. You can read more about my experience with Homegoing below. I was so excited when I came across a collection of Ananse stories late this week by a Ghanian author.… Continue reading Kids Read: Ghana

Books Worth Checking Out

After we read books from Germany a few weeks ago someone suggested I look up the German author Sebastian Messcenmoser. Luckily our local library had two of his books.  They are absolutely adorable. Waiting for Winter, published by Kane Miller, tells the story of a  squirrel, who is quite perplexed when his friend Deer mentions the possibility… Continue reading Books Worth Checking Out

Picture Book Update

Today I'm sharing four picture books that have popped up on my radar since reading books from those countries. Somalia - The Travels of Igal Shidad: A Somali Folktale, retold by Kelly Dupre, illustrated by Somali-Canadian Amin Amir, translated into Somali for this bilingual book, and published by the Minnesota Humanities Center is the story of… Continue reading Picture Book Update

Where We’re Headed in October

I know we're already in October, but I wanted to share my plan in case you wanted to join in on the reading around the world fun! In October we will be reading book from: Week of October 3: Venezuela Week of October 10: updates and some single book highlights Week of October 17: Pakistan… Continue reading Where We’re Headed in October

Kids Read: Egypt

Everytime I think "oh, I'll have no problem finding books from this country," I have a problem. I was able to find one Egyptian-American children's book author writing in English, and one Candian-Egyptian author. I didn't find any that were translated into English. . I would love to hear of any books you know about from Egypt,… Continue reading Kids Read: Egypt

Kids Read: Somalia

I recently stumbled on a graphic novel, completely not my forte, which I absolutely loved every minute of. I had heard good things about When Stars are Scattered from adult and kid Bookstagrammers alike, not something that happens every day. They were not wrong. When Stars are Scattered, which you can read more about below,… Continue reading Kids Read: Somalia

Kids Read: Togo

Togo has proven to be the most difficult country to find books for so far. I became interested in reading books from Togo when Ann Morgan of said An African in Greenland, by Tete-Michel Kpomassie, translated by James Kirkup, was one of the best book she read on her quest to read the world in 2012.… Continue reading Kids Read: Togo

Kids Read: Botswana

Located in southern Africa, Botswana is home to a large variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds (some being traced back to 200,000 years ago!), as well as many of the animals people think of when they think about Africa. Botswana was decolonized in 1966 and has been a stable, democratic country since, increasing their… Continue reading Kids Read: Botswana