Kids Read: Russia

We will definitely look for more books from Russia in the future. Last week and this week we read primarily folktales because of #folktaleweek on Instagram. Artists from around the world shared their work centered around several themes. A few #bookstagram accounts and I joined together to highlight folktales from around the world using the… Continue reading Kids Read: Russia

Kids Read: Belgium

I am still waiting on one book to arrive, so there will definitely be an update to this post coming soon. I found some fun, quirky children’ books, all in translation, and one stunning wordless book to share with you this week. You can read all about them below. I found the children’s literature from… Continue reading Kids Read: Belgium

Kids Read: Jamaica

This was the first week I have a pretty long list of books I still want to look into, so stay tuned for updates on Jamaica. Between the two local library systems I am a member of, I am usually able to get ahold of most of the books on my list for each country.… Continue reading Kids Read: Jamaica


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