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Are you looking to add more diverse books to your bookshelves, or to your library stack? Why not look beyond your country’s borders to see what children around the world are reading?

Each week my daughters (age 5 and 2.5) and I are reading as many picture books as we can find from a different country. So far, in 2021-2022, we have read books from 34+ countries, and are excited for all the countries we have left. We have discovered so many amazing books we never would have read before starting this project.

We love getting recommendations for can’t miss picture books from around the world, so please share the great ones you know about! Stop back here each week, or follow us on Instagram @kidsreadtheworld to see what we’re reading.

For a full list of the picture books we’ve read and loved, you can visit the Picture Book List. There is also an Adult Book List for the books I’m reading and loving from each country.

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Cities of the World

Are you a city person, or a country person? We live in the suburbs, but enjoy a trip to the city every once in a while. My…

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Lunar New Year

One of my goals this year is to feature more books about holidays from around the world. I am by no means going to be able to…

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Kids Read: Ukraine

My girls were obsessed with Winter Solstice and Christmas books during the month of December, so we did not read too many books from other countries, but…

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Kids Read: Cuba

This was the first week I was able to find five picture books set in a county, all by authors from that country. Author Margarita Engle wrote…

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Kids Read: Russia

We will definitely look for more books from Russia in the future. Last week and this week we read primarily folktales because of #folktaleweek on Instagram. Artists…

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Kids Read: Belgium

I am still waiting on one book to arrive, so there will definitely be an update to this post coming soon. I found some fun, quirky children’…

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Kids Read: Jamaica

This was the first week I have a pretty long list of books I still want to look into, so stay tuned for updates on Jamaica. Between…

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Hi, I’m Lori, a U.S. based mother of two girls (4 years old, and 2 years old), a wife, a special education teacher in a public school, and a picture book lover for as long as I can remember. While we are homebound for now, I still want to give my girls a taste of all the things this big wide world has to offer, to broaden their hearts and minds in the best way I know how.

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